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Vitamins, that’s one word that is very closely related to the world of health. Vitamin consists of several types, there are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. all these vitamins have benefits that are essential to maintaining the health of our bodies. As with other vitamins, vitamin A is also very important to maintain the health of our members. One of the benefits of vitamin A that is known is transform and maintain the health of your eyes. view full post »

Healthy Eating

food2We all know that eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain health problems, but your diet can also have a profound effect on your mood and sense of wellbeing. Studies have linked eating a typical Western diet—filled with processed meats, packaged meals, takeout food, and sugary snacks—with higher rates of depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Eating an unhealthy diet may even play a role in the development of mental health disorders such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia, or in the increased risk of suicide in young people.

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking meals at home, and reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, may help to improve mood and lower your risk for mental health problems. If you have already been diagnosed with a mental health problem, eating well can even help to manage your symptoms and regain control of your life.

While some specific foods or nutrients have been shown to have a beneficial effect on mood, it’s your overall dietary pattern that is most important. That means switching to a healthy diet doesn’t have to be an all

Four of five perfectly healthy

cropped-cropped-images.jpgfruit for health benefits
Four of five perfectly healthy , an idiom about food and health are popular for our nation . The concept of four of five perfectly healthy turns sometimes still understood by most people is less precise . Four of five perfectly healthy understood that these components should be available once in every activity of eating .

Application of four of five perfectly healthy that actually consume the elements gradually. We have the capacity and body rhythms in response to food intake . The most important thing is not to enter four of five perfectly healthy , but how digestion . Good eating is eating that promotes digestive rhythms of the body .

Fruit is one of the important elements in the diet is beneficial for our health support . Consumption of fruit as a supplement in order to meet the food menu four of five perfectly healthy . This is because the fruit has nutrients and nutrients needed by the body .

In fruit mengadung some element that is necessary for the health of our bodies , which is

Things to Consider When You Are Getting the Loan with Bad Credit

Getting the loan for those who have bad credit score might be a troublesome situation to deal with. However, if you are facing the financial crisis and you really need the loan to survive, then you might really need to get the loan for you to survive. However, before you take the loan during your, you might want to simply consider some of these things first to make sure that getting the loan is the best solution that you can take. That is because some people think that getting the loan was a solution but turned out that the loan is becoming another crisis that they need to face. If you do not want to face this kind of thing, then you will need to consider these things first.

The first thing is the source of your loan. If you have the bad credit score and you luckily can get a bank to approve your loan, then you must not leave that chance. That is because getting the loan from the banks is something that only people with good credit score can get and if you can get that loan, then they must think that

The American Official Dietary Guidelines Are Useless

The new American Dietary Guidelines were released earlier this year but not everybody is happy with them. Whether or not they are useful to the average American is questionable at best, and once we saw this article from the Times, we just had to share it with you:

“Every five years, numerous dietary experts are tasked with putting together a summary of the most up-to-date nutritional science. Their end product is intended to be a series of dietary recommendations that will help public-health agencies, health-care providers, and educational institutions create federal nutrition policy, health programs and disease-prevention initiatives.

This past February, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans advisory panel issued a 571-page report that upended a lot of conventional thinking. After reviewing all the data, they eased restrictions on cholesterol and urged us to eat less sugar and meat. But they also introduced concepts of sustainability and “dietary patterns”—which include how much and how frequently we should eat different foods—into the conversation. The official recommendations were released Jan. 7.

The new recommendations feel odd and a bit touchy-feely compared to the previous, more stern editions that had us go low-fat, avoid eggs, and micromanage the molecules of our meals. Yet regardless of whether the

10 Fat Facts You Need To Know

“Everyone seems to be talking about fat these days. That fat somehow is good now and can help with weight loss and disease prevention. How can that be true when for decades we all were told that fat was the bad guy? What are its benefits? Are there any downsides to eating more fat?”

Is a recent question I received and it comes at the perfect time. I have just finished writing my new book Eat Fat, Get Thin, hitting the bookstores on February 23, 2016. I wrote this book because almost everyone I know – doctors and patients and eaters alike are all confused about fat and still hold on to myths and misinformation that prevents them from taking advantage of the latest science to lose weight and get healthy.

You’re likely familiar with many of them: Fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, leads to diabesity; saturated fat is bad; vegetable oils are good…I could go on, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

None of these beliefs about fat are true. In my latest book, I combined the latest research with my several decades of empirical evidence working with patients to prove what I’ve long discovered:

8 Incredible Food Hacks That Make Your Food Healthier

If we briefly rewind to the 19th century, our greatest threats were starvation and disease. Today, the largest cause of mortality in the Western World is not a lack of food or rampaging bacteria… In fact, it’s what we do eat that poses the greatest risk to our lives.

Diet and lifestyle now drive the top causes of death in America. Food is no longer our means for survival. For many of us, it’s a slow poison.

Food is truly a double-edged sword… On one hand, the modern, processed ‘Western’ diet causes many chronic diseases. But on the flip side, food can also be a powerful medicine to restore health, vitality and live a long and vibrant life.

Make food your weapon of wellness with these 8 fun hacks to supercharge your diet!

1. Drizzle Your Tomatoes With A Little Olive Oil

This culinary combo obviously tastes amazing but also gives us great nutritional benefits. Tomatoes are naturally rich in lycopene, which is a carotenoid believed to protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Olive oil actually helps us to absorb lycopene, so make like the Mediterraneans do and get pouring!

2. Power Up Your Cruciferous Vegetables

Cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts and their close cruciferous cousins

22 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar in the Home

Once you venture into the world of apple cider vinegar you won’t turn back. On top of its well known powerful digestive benefits, apple cider vinegar can perform a whole range of miracles from cleaning your entire home to creating beautiful glossy hair!

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are endless! Here are 22 diverse ways to use apple cider vinegar in your home:


1. Supercharge your digestion! Try a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a small amount of water before meals. The sour taste can help to trigger the release of saliva and digestive juices that break down your food.


2. Lose weight naturally! A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that satiety (feeling full) is increased when apple cider vinegar is taken with food. Take one to two tablespoons diluted in water before meals.


3. Clean your home without chemicals! Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is antimicrobial, this means you can cut down on toxic cleaning products in your home.


4. Keep your blood sugar stable! A study involving type 2 diabetic patients found that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed was effective in lowering blood sugar by the next morning. Dilute the vinegar in a glass of water first before drinking.


5. Fight off a sore

Buying Furniture For Bars And Restaurants

There are many aspects to running a successful bar or restaurant, from ensuring that you have high quality food and drinks to ensuring that your waiting staff and bar staff are courteous, friendly, and polite. One thing that you should never overlook is that of the quality and functionality of your furniture, as well as its good looks. Once your premises are filled with your furniture, it will be one of the most prominent features, so it will be as important to the overall look of the premises as your wallpaper or colour scheme. It is also one of the things that visitors will consider when deciding whether to stay, opting to tell others about their experience, and also determining whether they return to enjoy the experience again in the future.

Measure Dimensions

Start by measuring dimensions. Ideally, you should draw up a floor plan, include any immovable features, such as columns or walls. Use precise measurements, and decide where any bar area and other public areas might be placed.

Allow Space For Movement

When adding furniture to your design, or even when adding the bar and doors, always ensure that you leave enough room for movement. Not only will your clientele need to

10 Tricks To Debloat Quickly

“No, I’m not pregnant. I’m just bloated.” Has this ever happened to you?

If you have IBS or experience bloating, you may relate to the awkwardness of having a distended, uncomfortable stomach on show for the world to see.

Worse yet, bloating usually strikes when we really don’t want it. Often it’s during social occasions where we can’t control our normal food intake and our belly’s fluttering with nervous excitement.

Thankfully, there’s really no need to trade in your favorite LBD for a muumuu next time you head out! Check out these 10 handy tricks to keep bloating in check.


This wonderful herb is naturally anti-spasmodic and can settle the stomach cramping that usually precedes bloating. Take it as a tea or in food-grade capsule form; even a little pure essential oil mixed in a carrier lotion can effectively drop tummy bloat.


Carry a little tub discreetly in your handbag for a natural, emergency remedy once you feel the bloating build. Charcoal effectively captures the gas and can also help with embarrassing flatulence. Just be careful not to use with certain medications (it can block absorption) or rely on charcoal for long-term use. It will also make your poop turn temporarily black!


The Tips for Being the Healthy Families!

In this life, there will be no one who can live alone by themselves. Everyone in this life needs the other people for having the living together. The close people who can live with us is our family. Do you love your family? Why do you love your family? Well, I believe that everyone can love their family since the families are those people who have the close relation with us. When we are in the bad condition, they will always be with us.

Due to the importance of family, we need to make sure that we can prepare our best for our family. Who do not want to give their best for their family? Of course, everyone wants to give their best to the family, right? Here is the Healthy Families recipe that you can use for your beloved family. First, as the mother for instance, you need to prepare and think the foods that you are going to consume with your family. Second, you also need to give the best nutrition for the baby when you are in pregnancy.

The other things that you need to do are preparing the best atmosphere for the house also. You need to

The Ingredient Causing Us To Eat More And Become Unwell

How would you feel if food companies conspired to hide an addictive drug in all the food we ate?
Our latest release from the FMTV Film Club, Sugar Blues, reveals a disturbing parallel between this hypothetical question and the real-life practices of today’s food industry. Watch the trailer below.

Sugar Blues follows the story of Andrea, whose personal health crisis spawns a full-blown investigation of the sugar industry. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes and fearing for her unborn child, Andrea decides to eliminate all sugar from her diet. This exposes a confronting truth; sugar is everywhere and in everything,

Over five years, Andrea investigates why sugar has infiltrated almost all packaged food. In doing so, Andrea charts the expansive growth of the sugar industry and exposes its ties with multinational corporations, politicians and even Health Care systems.

Andrea ruthlessly confronts doctors, scientists and politicians to demand further answers. We learn about the chilling gap between food marketing dollars and public health budgets. You will also learn how these scandalous advertising ploys infiltrate our very home, so that children are hooked on sugar before they’ve even made it out of the womb.

This film is really raw and even a little dark at times. It offers

Higher Dietary Fiber Intake In Young Women Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Boston, MA – Women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables—may have significantly lower breast cancer risk than those who eat less dietary fiber wn young, according to a new large-scale study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The study was published online February 1, 2016 in Pediatrics.

“Previous studies of fiber intake and breast cancer have almost all been non-significant, and none of them examined diet during adolescence or early adulthood, a period when breast cancer risk factors appear to be particularly important,” said Maryam Farvid, visiting scientist at Harvard Chan School and lead author of the study. “This work on the role of nutrition in early life and breast cancer incidence suggests one of the very few potentially modifiable risk factors for premenopausal breast cancer.”

The researchers looked at a group of 90,534 women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study II, a large long-running investigation of factors that influence women’s health. In 1991, the women—ages 27-44 at the time—filled out questionnaires about their food intake, and did so every four years after that. They also completed a questionnaire in 1998 about their diet during high school. The

Amazing food abundance in Texas… Health Ranger harvests pears, grapes, apples and more… all grown with zero pesticides or herbicides… a genuine food Mecca!

I always love sharing pictures of all the amazing food abundance in Texas, because the public perception of Texas is so distorted by the mainstream media. In the minds of people who live in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, Texas invokes images of tumbleweeds, cacti and dust. But that’s a description of California these days, not Texas!

Many parts of Texas are lush, with dark, rich soil that supports the easy growth of fruit trees, grapes and even bananas. I have a pear tree that’s so weighed down with delicious, honey-tasting pears that the branches droop to the ground!

Today I went harvesting and gathered bucket loads of pears and wild grapes. These are zero-effort foods requiring no cultivation at all. They weren’t sprayed with anything, so they’re 100% free of all chemical pesticides and herbicides (such as toxic glyphosate).

Now I’m busy washing and slicing all these pears, blending up amazing fresh smoothies and freezing the pear wedges for future smoothies. Given that I also grow my own lettuce greens using the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System that I developed (, my trips to the grocery store are become simpler and less expensive by week!

Here’s a photo of some

Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad


    • 1 1/2 pound eggplant, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
    • 3/4 pound zucchini, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
    • 10 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon black pepper
    • 1 cup chopped scallion (from 1 bunch)
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
    • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne
    • 1 1/4 cups pearl barley (8 oz)
    • 1 (14-oz) can reduced-sodium chicken broth (1 3/4 cups)
    • 3/4 cup water
    • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    • 1 garlic clove, minced
    • 1/4 teaspoon sugar
    • 1/2 pound cherry tomatoes, quartered
    • 1/3 cup Kalamata or other brine-cured black olives, pitted and halved
    • 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion, rinsed and drained if desired
    • 1 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
    • 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
    • Accompaniment: 1 (1/2-lb) piece ricotta salata, cut crosswise into thin slices


  1. Roast eggplant and zucchini:
    1. Put oven racks in upper and lower thirds of oven and preheat oven to 425°F.
    2. Toss eggplant and zucchini with 5 tablespoons oil, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and 3/4 teaspoon pepper in a bowl, then spread in 2 oiled large shallow (1-inch-deep) baking pans. Roast vegetables in oven, stirring occasionally and switching position

Easy, Yet Delicious Beef Soup Recipe

Beef always be anyone’s favorite, not only for its delicious taste , but also for many recipes which you can try using beef as the main ingredient like easy beef soup recipe which you are about to find here. What do you think? Let it alone, it is easy to find those who love beef, but it is quite rare to find one who like eating beef that know how to cook beef as well. And, if you never before trying beef recipe like beef soup recipe, this is your time to show off. So, what it takes to make an easy and delicious beef soup recipe?

You need these following; beef, coconut milk, cow milk, water, and vegetable oil. The next ingredients which are also important are; pepper, ginger, red chili, lemon grass, shallot, clove, garlic, salt, cumin seed, Royco and salam leaves. About the aforementioned ingredients, you need to treat it as ground ingredients. The last components of this super easy recipe are leek, tomato, friend onion, parsley, pickles or anything of your preference as this one is complementary element of this beef soup. Since you already need everything that you need to

Functions of carbohydrates to body

In general, the content of which is in the carbohydrate derived through a chemical process between CO2 and Ho2 is sweet. Carbohydrates itself also plays an important role in maintaining the body’s immune system. As for the other functions of carbohydrates to the body are:
• Have an important role in metabolic processes, or processes that serve as a balance of acids and bases in the body, as well as the process for forming a network of cells, structures and organs in the body.
• Carbohydrates can prevent fat oxidation process imperfections
• The main function of carbohydrates as an energy supplier.

Preservatives to keep foods longer – and safer

Why are foods preserved?

Preservation is usually defined as a method used to maintain an existing condition or to prevent damage likely to be brought about by chemical (oxidation), physical (temperature, light) or biological (microorganisms) factors. Preserving food, made it possible to have food available from harvest to the next year. The main function of preservation is thus to delay the spoiling of foodstuffs and to prevent any alterations in their taste or, in some cases, their appearance. This can be done in different ways, through processing methods including canning, dehydration (drying), smoking and freezing; the use of packaging; and the use of food additives such as antioxidants or other preservatives. In this article we will focus on preservatives

The primary reason for using preservatives is to make foods safer by eliminating the influence of biological factors. The greatest threat to consumers is that of food being spoiled, or from becoming toxic by the effect of micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, yeast, moulds) occurring in them. Some of these organisms can secrete poisonous substances (“toxins”), which are dangerous to human health and can even be fatal.

How are foods conserved, and what substances are used?

To delay the spoiling of foodstuffs by micro-organisms, anti-microbial substances are

Synthetic Dyes

Because of the lack owned by natural dyes, some manufacturers choose to use synthetic dyes. Dyes synthesis of a dye derived from chemical substances, most of which can not be used as a food coloring because it can cause health problems, especially liver function in our body.
The process of making the synthesis of dyes usually through the addition of sulfuric acid or nitric acid that is often contaminated by arsenic or other heavy metals that are toxic. In the manufacture of organic dyes before reaching a final product, must go

Natural dyes

Clothing, bags, shoes, hair, food and drink are some of the things around us that has a variety of beautiful colors, so that makes us who saw keen to have it. But most of us do not know and do not want to know about, the type of dye used on these objects, whether it is safe for health and what effect if this dye into the body. Therefore, here is the info about the dyes, especially on food.
In general, dyes are divided into 2 types of safe natural dyes and synthetic dyes that most

Tips on selecting fresh vegetables reply

How do I choose vegetables that are good to eat? Before discussing how to choose it, we first discuss a wide-ranged. In the classification, the vegetables are classified into four groups. The group is below.

fruit vegetables
nuts or known as pods

Here are tips on choosing a good vegetable based groups.


Vegetable leaves the rather well-known example is the spinach and kale. Well, below are things that you must observe before buying vegetable leaves.
photo source:

Bone leaves look very clear
Can easily be broken trunk
It leaves intact the overall
view full post »

various juices for health

Pada dasarnya, membuat jus dari buah dan sayuran adalah cara cepat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan vitamin dan mineral di tubuh kita. Selain menyegarkan, jus buah dan sayuran kaya akan vitamin dan mineral, yang berguna untuk menjaga dan memelihara kesehatan tubuh dari serangan penyakit.

Buah dan sayuran mengandung vitamin A, C dan E; mengandung karbohidrat, dan sumber senyawa fitokimia yang dapat menurunkan risiko penyakit kanker. Selain itu, jus buah dan sayuran memiliki beragam kandungan mineral seperti kalsium, magnesium, fosfor, besi, dan potasium. Walaupun diperlukan dalam jumlah kecil, mineral ini bermanfaat untuk menjaga kesehatan tubuh. kandungan lainnya adalah serat yang bermanfaat untuk memperlancar proses pencernaan, mengikat racun dalam tubuh dan memberikan rasa kenyang.

Antioksidan yang terkandung dalam jus buah dan sayur bermanfaat dalam menurunkan risiko berbagai penyakit. Seperti jantung koroner, stroke, katarak, juga mencegah kerusakan sel pankreas sehingga baik untuk penderita diabetes melitus. Jus buah tertentu seperti jus jeruk sangat kaya akan asam folat, yang sangat bermanfaat jika dikonsumsi oleh ibu hamil karena dapat mengurangi risiko bayi lahir cacat.

Buah berguna membantu mengeluarkan racun dalam tubuh (detoksifikasi). Mengonsumsi buah dalam porsi besar akan membuat tubuh sibuk melakukan proses pembersihan racun dalam tubuh. Buah yang bersifat asam seperti lemon, jeruk, tomat dan nanas adalah buah yang kuat

Tips for Choosing Fish Fresh

The fish has a high nutrient content, is what causes the fish is one of the foods that are good for consumption. By having a high nutrient content, the fish will easily decompose and easily damaged.

Necessary for cooking fish is really fresh, besides it will be more delicious, even better nutritional content. But there are still many mothers or buyers of fish that have not been able to choose fresh fish, especially fish that have died. Therefore we provide Tips for Choosing Fish Fresh obliged to read before going to the market to buy fish later.

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